Button Bracelets


I was finally able to go to a few different stores and gather some supplies for my first craft project.  I wanted to start out nice and east and make something special for my friends and family members who are far from me.

I think because I went to summer camp… (and maybe because of my Aunt Linda who for my sixth birthday gave me a friendship bracelet kit) I have always had a fondness for bracelet projects.  Maybe it’s also because of these things that I’m so used to working with the above materials


  • Buttons (two or four holes are easiest)
  • String or wire
  • Scissors
  • Paint or nail polish (If you buy plain colored or wooden buttons, you can paint them for a splash of color or flair.  I have a million colors of nail polish, so I purchased some cool textured buttons and painted some)

This is seriously the easiest project and ANYONE (even kids as long as they are old enough to know not to put the buttons in their mouths) can make these!

  1. Pick a button
  2. Cut a piece of string. The easiest way to make sure it’s the right length is to wrap it around your wrist twice with a little slack so there is enough room to tie the string ends.
  3. Cut that piece of string in half.
  4. Take one of the two pieces of string and fold it in half so you have a loop at one end and the two loose ends at the other.
  5. Thread the loop through one of the button holes. Open the loop and then put the loose ends through the loop. Pull the string taut.  Half of the bracelet is complete. (Note, this is for a two-hole button. For a four-hole button instead of folding the string in half, thread it through both holes.  Once threaded, add some slack to the part of the string that lays between the two button holes and thread the two loose ends through this piece and then pull taut.) 
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the opposite button hole(s).
  7. Now your basic bracelet is complete.  Feel free to embellish the loose strings (add beads, braid the strings, make knots along the strings… whatever you are in the mood for to make them your bracelets)

Feel free to share what you’ve made with me, let me know what you changed! What kinds of string did you use?

If you’re interested in purchasing some, let me know!